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Training, Brainstorming, and Live Work Sessions


Ombre Background

Coaching and Consulting Services for the DIY'er that needs Accountability and Support

Are task like product launches, social media management, and creating graphics making you feel stuck in place? Ready for accountability and support? Stop trying to get it all done on your own. If you're ready to take your business up a notch but have struggled with product or service launches, social media management, and all that digital marketing techy stuff - then look no further! You're in the perfect place. Let's get things done! My support plus your hard work equals success!

2 Hours $ 500


1on1 Social Media Workshop 

Gain invaluable insights and practical tips to enhance your social media performance and reach your target audience effectively. Support from content creation to scheduling

2 Hours $ 500

1on1 Process & Project Management Consulting 

Learn to streamline your processes, enhance project management efficiency, and drive results. Customized workflows to help projects and marketing tasks flow with ease.

2 Hours $ 500

1on1 Marketing & Branding Consulting 

Get support defining your brands identity, develop compelling messaging, enhance visual elements and support planning branded photoshoots. Build a stronger, more impactful brand presence


Self-development is a never-ending process. Whether you just want to understand what goes on behind the scenes and outsource the task or you want to “DO IT YOURSELF”,

I have you covered.

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