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Meet Our Visionary Founder and Owner, Trish, Driving Success and Innovation

About the Owner

My name is Trish, and I'm the owner of Farrell’s Daughter Consulting, a digital marketing agency based in Dallas, TX. We provide services to brands nationwide both virtually and in person. As the Lead Marketing Strategist and Creative Director, I'm supported by a team of exclusively female subcontractors. Together, we execute digital marketing and branding strategies through a simplified process, aimed at helping brands grow and streamline.

My transition from a freelance graphic designer and virtual assistant into a full-fledged marketing agency was driven by the realization that my clients required more comprehensive support. My academic background includes a Bachelor of Science in Sociology, which informs my business approach through insights into human behavior and communication. This understanding enables me to craft personalized solutions tailored to each client's unique needs.

Branding, marketing, and advertising are all part of a continuous process. To effectively manage and execute this process, you need support. - Trish


Farrell’s Daughter

My late father, Farrell, instilled in me the value of serving others, a principle that is reflected in the name of my company. By leveraging my education and experience, I uphold his commitment to community service, treating each client as an individual with distinct requirements. If you're feeling overwhelmed or simply seeking assistance, you've come to the right place.

Our specialization lies in catering to entrepreneurs who face unique challenges such as ADD, ADHD, PTSD, anxiety, or difficulties with technology due to age or socioeconomic background. By focusing on these specific challenges, we're able to offer customized solutions and strategies that not only educate our clients about marketing but also empower them to excel in their business endeavors. My ultimate goal is to ensure that entrepreneurs, regardless of their personal obstacles, receive the support and resources they require to thrive.

Meet Our Founder and Owner, Trish, Driving Marketing and Website Design Success and Innovation

At Farrell’s Daughter, We Get Stuff Done!

Meet Our Founder and Owner, Trish, Driving Marketing and Website Design Success and Innovation

Capabilities & Expertise :

  • Brand Strategy

  • Website Design

  • Digital Marketing

  • Marketing Training

  • Media Kit Creation

  • Social Media Management

  • Business Management

  • Writing & Content Development

  • Project Management

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