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I'm Trish the owner of Farrell's Daughter and innovative & energetic girl boss with a LOVE for helping business owners and professionals streamline their processes. My business was created to save busy professionals from work overload by helping them to stay organized and providing cost-effective solutions. Farrell's Daughter offers virtual and local business services such as business consulting, project assistance, graphic design, and Wix web design for small business owners Click here for services & pricing information.


The company name is after my belated father who has had a major impact on my life by teaching me the importance of servitude. I was born in New Orleans but I have lived in Texas for over 10 years. As a sociology major and graduate from Texas Southern University, I truly love people and have a heart for servitude. I spent most of my life helping take the stress off of others and giving back to my community. 


Everyone want's to know HOW I DO IT! I am a super HERO that's how.

Well okay, the secret is I have help! I have an awesome virtual assistant who helps make sure I stay on track with my business so that I can assist you with yours. I also have a great support team of contractors so I don't have to hire a full staff. See so no need to worry I have you covered. 


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