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How To Manage Your Social Media

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

How To Log and Keep Track of Your Post using The 3 Most Resourceful Platforms

1. Airtable:

You can use the platform’s interactive spreadsheets to put together post schedules sorted by date, theme and other basic information. You can also add files and images to each of the entries. These sorting options allow you to easily keep track of the performances of published posts, including the comments, likes and views which it’s garnered. Airtable also facilitates collaboration in social media management by allowing you to share your spreadsheets with team members.

2. Smartsheets:

For years now, Smartsheet has served as a go-to online tracking tool for thousands of brands across the globe. Its highly intuitive user interface simplifies the process of tracking social media post. You can use the default social media strategy templates to jump-start and track your social media campaign. These templates come with columns for campaign goals, call to action, digital asset management, and more. Smartsheet also enables auto-notifications revolving round a number of criteria.

3. Excel Logs:

There is a wide range of possibilities for managing your social media campaign using Excel. You can choose to work with a simple layout that contains only columns for the date and contents, or you can use more elaborate layouts with numerous columns for several other matrices, including likes and comments, to allow you to track your activities more thoroughly. The ideal layout is one with columns for date, network, categories/subcategories, all to action, meta-tags, comments, likes and shares. You can use separate or distinct spreadsheets for each network.

When to Outsource Social Media Management

Deciding whether to pass that social media handle to a hired social media manager or not can turn out to be quite a dicey affair. However, if you’re not cut-out for the repetitive tasks of replying to posts, ensuring feed contents are pushed in a timely manner, etc., then outsourcing might be just what the doctor ordered for you. A virtual assistant can help ensure you don’t lose costumers because of your slow rate of response to emails and comments.

3 Ways To Find and Hire a Virtual Assistant

1. Referrals: One of the best ways of finding a virtual assistant is to solicit for referrals from your networks. Simply post the task specifics on any of your Social Media platforms.

2. Virtual Assistant Services: This option eliminates a lot of guesswork and saves you time. Virtual Assistant Services are platforms specialized in connecting virtual assistants with clients. They include Zirtual, UAssistMe, etc.

3. Freelance Platforms: Here, you can post your job description and then select the best candidate from a pool of potential contractors who respond to your job post with pitches. Guru, PeoplePerHour and Freelancer are all ideal freelance platforms to hire a virtual assistant from.

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